For those under Group 1 to 3 from the Ngeow & Tan’s filing, it is not pleasant news that the Appeal is lost. And to add salt to injury, you also need to pay RM25,000.00 per group as cost to the respondants (banks). Legal action to the rest of the respondants are still on-going though. Will that ever be a mere paper victory, that’s left the be seen. But what’s the most important thing for the plaintiffs was the decision to loop the banks in to get the monkey off the back, so to speak. But now that it has lost and Dataran Mantin is in liquidation since 6 Mar 2009, it really is your choice to move on with your life because it is really pointless sitting down pondering and feeling sorry for yourself.

The written judgement can be read from (please be patient, the website may sometimes be down)

How do you want to intepret it? Do you accept that although the bank’s practice is to check for the value of a property before the loan is dished out but the banks are not under the duty to do so by law? Does it feel like you’ve been thrown into the jungle and not only do you need to fend for youself but there are leeches and other parasites lurking around with snares all over the place, while the banks are nicely guarded in a gated garden? Such is the justice you get here in malaysia you really are left with not much but to move on. If you want laws to be fair & to protect the individual citizen, choose your parliamentarian properly. Failure to understand the importance of voting worthy parliamentarians at your own peril. Let’s move on so that we can constantly put bread on the table for our family.

It seemed that many comments are still abound on the legal action. The Progress (1) post is reaching 200 comments, so it’s time to move on to Progress (2) with the usual summaries as follows (it is hoped that new comers would enrich themselves with knowledge by reading every single comment in every single post so that they won’t be asking questions already asked and answered in previous comments).

Summary 1: Lawsuit Progress

3PM – 5PM, 29 Jun 2008, there was a briefing on the current progress. The tactical move that the law firm Ngeow & Tan took (along with leading counsel Malik Imtiaz Sarwar) was to allow Group 1 & Group 2 of the lawsuit to progress independently. This way, if one favours us & the other does not, there’s still chance (for both parties), which is exactly what’s happening now. Read the rest of this entry »

Our so very famous until infamous Director Terrible has almost reached the horizon. With a little cut ‘n paste, it is now presented to you all below, enjoy…


In the face of adversities, it always brings out the best in us (or best of the worst, whichever!) so with the increase in fuel pricing, here’s the place to advertise your caring heart.

So please, whoever is willing to share your vehicle, please advertise your

Name (& Phone no. if you wish):
Pickup Point (exact road name & landmark):
Vehicle Reg No. (& type):

then some of you can respond so as to fill up the car / van / bus / lorry / motocycle / tricycle / & whatever. Together & United, we will win this war!

Date: Sunday, 29 June 2008
Time: 3PM

Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)
6, Persiaran Institusi
Bandar Baru Bangi
43000 Kajang, Selangor

Exact Location: Bactris Hall (see maps below)

From Lim’s comments on NS is going to pass BUTL & build another hub, check this out.
(theStar) Out to restore the people’s faith in BN

Then, there’s something happened yesterday…
(theStar) Cops prevent fight at Mantin college

Read the rest of this entry »

For all those in Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 & Group 4 (whether documents submitted or not), victims of these SCAM, Dataran Mantin & PwC people as well (since they too look at the postings here), are all welcomed to attend a briefing.

This briefing will be an update on the lawsuit against Dataran Mantin & the banks. Here, you will get the current status as well as Q&A session. So those who kept asking what the %*&#$^@! is going on, here’s the chance.

This will also be the briefing for all the happenings that the Pro Tem Committee has pursued in terms of the JMB (Joint Management Body).

Date: Sunday, 29 June 2008
Time: 3PM

Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)
6, Persiaran Institusi
Bandar Baru Bangi
43000 Kajang, Selangor

Exact Location: Bactris Hall (see maps below)

Since the venue is not free & it is organised by the Pro Tem Committee using their own money & contribution from some BUTL owners, it is entirely up to you should you wish to play a role to this cause. Financial contribution is most welcomed, the active Committee’s time is priceless so if there are those who would like to contribute their time too, it is very, very much appreciated. Thank you.

From Ngeow & Tan, yesterday was the final hearing for the first strikeout of Group 1. Group 1 has many strikeout applications by the banks, so does Group 2. The first strikeout heard in Group 1 was of 3 banks (HSBC, Alliance & Maybank) represented by the same lawyers. Incidentally, first strike out of Group 2 heard is also from the same lawyers but this time only for Maybank. As we know, Group 2 has all the hearings for Maybank sorted out & we won. Group 1, well… the last hearing for the first strikeout was yesterday but the Judge reserved the judgement for Monday, 28 Apr 2008. Yes, that is an important date to us. Read the rest of this entry »

Yes, they have failed to provide us, the purchasers, a sincere avenue to allow us to choose our trusted JMB. They have made an utter mockery of the Law. Not only are they flaunting it, so are their partners. In case you are still wondering, the receivers and managers appointed are from PwC and therefore, presented to you are 2 files that you should change it to your name & fax it to them.

The more who does it, the more they will feel the heat. These are coming from the ForABetterButl Team. And all of them are faxing & cc to all the respective organisations. Let them feel the power of the people !!!

Letter of Demand to Dataran Mantin
Letter of Demand to PricewaterhouseCoopers

Sources says this team has already met up with the Authority to get permission to organise the meeting themselves. So those who have not registered with them yet, please do so. And don’t forget to fire DM & PwC !

Those who can make it, please attend.

1PM, 12 April 2008 – Completed

4PM, 18 April 2008 – Completed

YB YAP YEW WENG (ADUN, N10 Nilai) 017-677 3789

Pt 20578, Tingkat 1, Jalan TS2/1F
Taman Semarak 2, 71800 Nilai, NS.

How else can we explain their magical moment at 4PM? The great disappearing act? or merely just kecut?

In a highly charged meeting that went on between the purchasers (yes between us only), which was probably the first time we all met each other apart from all the lawyer sessions, the voice of the purchasers were there to drown out any inch of bravery that Dataran Mantin still has. Surprisingly, out of the 300+ people who attended, only a handful have taken legal action & 90+% knows nothing about this legal action!

So after this BiG BANG, it was not surprising that Dataran Mantin cancelled today’s JMB Meeting! Read the rest of this entry »

The BUTL JMB nominees has signal their intentions to meet on Wednesday, 9 Apr 2008 afternoon. Therefore, they need proxy forms to attend the meeting (at least 10). If anyone of you reading this is supposed to attend the meeting this Wednesday but are unable to go, could you please sign your proxy form, scan the image and send it to so that they can attend.

You see, they have play by DM’s rules eventhough is lopsided. They have an enormous task ahead of them and wish you could help. If you have not noticed yet, the Big Bang is on this Wednesday afternoon. Those who can attend, please attend this Wednesday!

Thank you all for your support.

Yup, 30 – 40 turn outs the last time, but this time there are way more than a hundred. And plus the morning sessions as well, we can’t say today’s the 2nd session. But DM know how many meetings were conducted. But essentially, it is still just the 1st Meeting! Broken into 15 sessions (how is that fair, or even logical ?!?).

Hell broke lose today, I was told, & really, this is the time for us to get together & shout at them! Way to go. Some coming from kedah, perak, singapore, yeah! shout at them! This 1st meeting will be challenged in court, mark my word.

So no worries, go there & enjoy yourself shouting at them. They deserve it! We, together will give them more high blood pressure as the sessions rolled on & we will give them the BIG BANG! We will show them who’s the BOSS!


Sources says that only those received letters in RED were allowed to vote. Yes, it was stated in Act 663 that you must have paid all your arrears to allow you to vote. So all those who have received letters in RED you must go there to vote. BUTL’s future is at stake now. Even receiver managers are somehow are under their spell.

So people, you have to rise up & challenge them! Below is the list that you need to challenge them!

1. To Mr/Mrs/Ms/Mdm/Dr. Chairman & all other managers there, are you the managers appointed to take over during the receivership? They can’t appoint any tom, dick and harry to be there. [CHALLENGE THEM!]

2. Even if they say you are not entitled to vote, they have no rights to bar you from going for the meeting. [They have done that today!]

3. If they bar you from voting, quote them Section 21 (1) & (3). No matter how much you have paid, or haven’t paid, the accounts are not legal without it being audited! [They have done that today!]

4. [Technical, not provided in the Law] How can they divide meetings into 6 groups when they are for the same JMB ??? Lame excuses such as ”hall not big enough” must be refuted. They can always rent an indoor stadium! [Come on la, only 30-40 people turn up & leaving feeling disgusted!]

5. [Technical, not provided in the Law] How can they ask the banks to give permission to you, the purchaser of the apartments, before you have the rights to vote ???

Remember, the developer only has 1 vote. Those who received letters in RED, please go and VOTE! DO NOT allow them the chance to put PRO-DM people as the JMB. They only have 1 vote! CHALLENGE THEM !!! Save BUTL !!! Save guard your INVESTMENT !!!

Yes, the time has arrived. I quick search on the internet & there are some who are willing to step forward and be counted.

Should we vote for them?

Yup, if you think you can contribute to make BUTL not a ghost town, nominate yourself & hope you can get voted in by the purchasers. Folks, we are on our own. Even if you have paid up to sue DM & the banks, you cannot just leave it as that. If you can make this place boom, it is a much, much better option that to sue.

To Sue (& win)

Pros: Your “investment” nightmares are over, no more harassment by DM or the banks.

Cons: You have to wait for the results, much like watching the stock exchange. This may go on for another few years still, even if you have won, DM & the banks can still appeal.

To Sue (& lose)

Pros: huh? mana ade?

Cons: Aiyoo, ni susah ni, dah bagi RM2,000 skrg kena bayar legal cost lagi. Masuk high court ni, total legal cost boleh capai & melebihi RM 100,000. Kena share dgn 500 org, i.e. kena bayar RM200 lagi. s***!!!%#^&

To Make BUTL a booming township

Pros: Yes, this is the one, ladies & gentlemen, if we can make this place boom, this is then what we know as the true definition of the term “INVESTMENT with RETURNS”

Cons: Have to make sure the JMB committees are committed to the cause. Turn around this place from a “student, college staff & butl purchasers kena conned place” to a new & booming township – lots of patients & hardwork.

It’s your call folks, be pro-active & expand your circle of influence here at BUTL rather than sit there & contemplate your circle of concerns but do nothing. Here’s the time to rise up & show DM what good governence is all about! Let those losers who we are sueing them now be envy of our management capabilities. Let’s rise to the challenge!

Marilah mari, mari mengundi…


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