Most of the people leave their message on the guestbook query about legal action toward Dataran Mantin. Even though many have proceeded on these, but still the information is not shared.

Here, not all the detail can be provided, but nevertheless should be enough for anyone to get deeper information.

Up to now, there is (at least) two kind of action taken toward Dataran Mantin :

  1. Sue for Null and Void
  2. Sue for Damages

Sue for Null and Void means the buyer of the apartment want to return the apartment to the developer and ask for refund. Whereas sue for damages mean demand the developer to pay compensation base on the loss of money caused by the market value of the apartment not up to the selling price.

The stand point of the legal sue is not suitable to be discussed here. It’s recommended for the buyer to check directly with the legal firm.

There is (at least) two different legal firm represent the buyars on the action :

(1) Ngeow & Tan Advocates & Solicitors : Sue for null and void.
Total more then 400 buyer already join this action which devided by three group.
The 1st group already in court. And the third group still open for more buyer to join.

(2) Cheang & Ariff Legal Firm : Sue for damages.
On progress but not open for more group for time being.

Last note:
The legal action is NOT free of charge.
The action will take years to see the result.

Add : 28/11/06
Who want to join for legal action can contact the legal firm directly using the contat number in their web page.

It’s worth to mention that, if you decide to sue for Null and Void, the legal firm not only handle the law sue, but also take care of the bank installament matter. It fact, the owner is advised to immediately stop the bank monthly payment. The rational is that since you already decide not to own the apartment (return back to the developer) bank payment should be on hold until the issue cleared.

For the charges on this service, payment term, documentation, procedure etc, owner should talk directly to the legal firm. Some infomation may not be unveil to you until you have join in. It’s the legal consideration which I personally not understand well.

On the other hand, this blog owner is not expert on the legal matter, it’s not right for me to advise whether the “chance of win” is bright.

Add : 28/02/07
There is some comment about this case on Sin Chew Jit Poh.

Click the below for detail.
Sin Chew

This articles was published at 7/1/2007. The artical recommend that the ONLY way for owners to claim their rights is through legal action.