Many owner of Bandar University Teknologi Lagenda, who have sign a Guarantee Return Scheme with Pantai Lagenda have recently recieve a legal letter.

Pantai Lagenda Management Sdn Bhd, which act as window to rent apartment from the owner on behalf of Kolej lagenda, refuse to settle their outstanding rental to the owner. The letter from legal firm Louis K.H Wong & Co, Pantai Lagenda’s representative on this matter, proposal to pay 50% of outstanding Sum as full and final settlement if the buyer accepts.

On average, Pantai Lagenda hold every owner’s rental for 12 to 15 months. Which come to they own about 8 thousand ringgit per person. In what base they can come out with such a silly proposal, and what kind of lawyer will support such proposal? It’s clear by now that Lagenda Group is lead by a group of people which is not just disreputable and dishonorable, but also do not understand the meaning of shame.

For reader who is still new to Kolej Lagenda, this post will explain to you all you have to know about the Lagenda Group.

Some Background :

Kolej Lagenda student accommodation is managed by Pantai Lagenda Management Sdn Bhd. Officially, Kolej Lagenda outsource to Pantai Lagenda to provide accommodation for them. Pantai Lagenda rent the Bandar Universiti Teknologi Lagenda apartment from the owner, then give it to the student (Kolej Lagenda).
Thus the role of Pantai Lagenda is to collect money from Kolej Lagenda(come from student tuition fee), after substitute the management fee to Dataran Mantin and, pay the rental to apartment owner, .

Dataran Mantin –
Developer of Bandar University Teknologi Lagenda.
After complete the project, in charge on “maintain” the facility. Thus demand the management fee from the owner every month.

Pantai Lagenda Management Sdn Bhd –
“Supply” hostel to Kolej Lagenda. Receive payment from Kolej Lagenda.
Rent apartment from owner under Guarantee Return Scheme agreement. After deduct maintenant fee pay the rental to apartment owner.

Kolej Lagenda –
“Get” the apartment from Pantai Lagenda and provide it to student.

Actual –
All these companies is belong to the same owner and under the same management group. Obviously they put it under different management to escape from any potential legal action.
Current Condition :

Most of the apartment under Guarantee Return Scheme is occupied by student.
However, Pantai Lagenda refuse to pay the rental to the owner. Most owner have not receive their rental for more then 12 months. Pantai Lagenda do not response to any phone call of fax from the owner. When owners get to their office in Pandan Indah, what they were told is “on progress”, “just wait for a few days”.

Not only that, Pantai Lagenda do not pay the maintenant fee to Dataran Mantin. And Dataran Mantin, rather then try to get the fee from Pantai Lagenda, send letter to all the apartment owner to demand them to bare the fees.

Latest Progress :

Pantai Lagenda appoint legal firm to send letter to department owners. They suggest they only pay 50% of the outstanding rental, and required owner to sign a form to agree to this settlement. The do not provide any reason or legal base to allow them to do so.
However owners who is desperate to get (even half) of the rental may agree to the settlement. Some owner simply do not understand this proposal and may sign the form blindly.

On the other hand, base on the letter, the Guarantee return Scheme will be terminated whether the owner agree with the settlement or not. However, it were written in a way that it can be misunderstood that the Agreement will only be terminated if the owner refuse to accept this proposal.

The legal firm even give such advise : ” On a without prejudice basis, we hereby advise you that it is at your best interest to accept to our clients’ proposal.”
Best interest to agree to only accept 50% of what this bullshit company own you? My foot !!

This doesn’t make sense. Does such a shameless management group really exist in Malaysia? And what legal firm willing to become their representative?

Click the letter below, and read it your self. make sure you remember the legal firm and keep away from them as far as possible.

Legal Letter