For all the owners of Bandar Universiti Teknologi Lagenda apartment, ATTENTION, this is the last call for legal action. Act fast, or it will be too late, very soon!!

Many buyer still waiting for the result of the 1st Group hearing, but until now all we know is the hearing is postponed, then postponed again, then again. All due to the request from the defendant (Dataran Mantin and Bank). Whats go wrong?

Here is the conspiracy theory, believe it or not.

There is a limitation for the law regulating housing development. It is a law that requires a person to institute action within six years from the date of the “cause of action” arising. Instituting action here means filing it in court.

“Cause of action” can be said to mean “legal right to sue”. Such right must be exercised within six years otherwise it is completely lost.

For more detail, refer to Malaysia National House Buyer Association article tittled: “Time to take action. The Star Articles of Law with Bhag Singh 2/11/2002“.

The article may sound complicated at first. Put it simple, in Bandar Universiti Teknologi Lagenda case, : “All buyer must file the legal action within 6 years from the date of the completion of the apartment.”

For the 1st batch buyers, the apartment’s completion date is around September of 2001. The 6 years limitation is just around the corner!

Hence, it’s obvious why the defendant want to drag on the 1st Group legal process. Two months from now, even if they loose the case, they do not have to worry about all other buyers rush to claim their rights.

Not only that. All these while we think this thing can not be worst then now. Really? After another 2 months, who know what’s going to happen next? Will they terminate all GRS contract and replace it with a lower rental rates? Will they start suing buyer for the service charges? Will they apply their “rights” (as in the Purchase agreement) by raising the service charges?

If you just want to wait and see, it’s up to you.
But if you think otherwise, you can still grab your last chance for legal action.

To start the Group-4, additional 25 buyers need to register to Ngeow & Tan legal firm. Mr. Shahrir from Seremban is now gathering more buyers to join. It would be good if someone from KL initiate the same action. On the other hand, any buyer can contact the legal firm directly and submit your particular.

Ngeow & Tan
Tel : 03-62578796
( Attn. Mr. Lavendran )

Even though the first legal action have been started year 2005, base on comments on this blog, many buyer still not aware about this. Please help to spread the news around, especially to those who do not use Internet very often. By doing this, not only you help them but also ensure we can get enough buyer within the dead line.

Please do not put the comment on this blog: “count me it” or “I want to join”, etc, and expecting someone to contact you. Not sure about other readers, but the blog owner will definitely not going to do that. THIS IS time for you to make your own step.

Lets say you join Group-4, if legal action failed you loose RM2000. You may sakit hati for a period of time.
But. What if the 1st Group win and you were left behind? Won’t you regret for the rest of your life?
For me, purchase in Bandar Universiti Teknologi Lagenda is the worst decision I ever made, and I do not want to make the 2nd one.

P/s : Someone please help to translate this article into Bahasa.