Due to too many comment on post : “Legal Action to Dataran Mantin”, it start to take too long to load. On the other hand some new comer obviously do not spend their time read though all the previous comments (total 230 comments). Therefore here is the summary of what going on until now.

(1) Protagonist of Sri Jasmin have take initiative to find out the detail about the due date for filling legal sue.

6-Nov-2007 : Dear all, especially those who are in Group 4 and anxiously waiting for it to be FILED, this Limitation Act, i believe… is haunting some of you.

I have just spoken to the law firm. The last date for filling legal sue depend on SAP or VP.

Example :
For 2nd Phase, Sri Jasmin, SPA was Signed & STAMPED on 01 Jan 2004 & received the VP on 01 Mar 2006 therefore making it unable to FILE for any legal action against DM after 01 Mar 2012 even though 01 Jul 2006 was when Sri Jasmin received the Certificate of Fitness (CF). VP is that fateful date that you took the keys & checked the apartment & signed that form that says all the sanitary & electrical fittings are in order.

SO PLEASE, for all those in Group 4 who received their VP more than 6 years ago, even 6 years and 1 day, please please contact the law firm IMMEDIATELY. Don’t go looking into the bank agreement. Just the VP will do, but if you somehow don’t have the VP with you, you can sort of estimate the VP to be around 3 years (OR LESS) from the SPA. So if your SPA is sometime in 1998, and your VP is 2001, you might not be able to sue them.”

(2) Dr Maria have leave her comment regarding the latest progress of group 1 and group 2.

see http://www.butlbuyers.org/?p=3#comment-138

4-Dec-2007 : Just to inform those who would like to take damages option can also contact Ngeow & Tan to register with Jagmohan Legal firm.

For the last three groups suing for Null n Void, there were more than 120 buyers so that’s the reason why Ngeow & Tan opened the registration till above the number.

Regarding the court case, Cheang & Ariff has lost in their suit for damages but currently re-appealing. Please contact Belinda at 012-2842682 for updates.

For Group 1 & 2, we are still going through case management so no such thing like we have lost. In fact for Group 2, Maybank is trying to avoid going to court but apparently, Maybank lost hence they are going to court. Group 3 no news yet and off course it is still too early.

For Grp 1 & 2 , it took more than two years before anything starts moving. Judicial system in Malaysia whether Civil or Syariah is slow. So what to do? If any of u do not mind being black listed but would prefer to hv money, then take null n void option. Then stop payment to the bank.

Legal fee for N&T is RM 2000, but can pay via postdated cheques 4 or 5 instalments. Pay to: Ngeow & Tan. Submit xeroxed copies of: Sales & Purchase agreement, Deed of Mutual Covenant, Guaranteed Return Scheme, Loan Agreement, Deed of Assignment, Bank statement, Any receipts made for payment of deposits etc, latest address and contact number.

Our plight has been known to many parties including UMNO, Registrar of Companies, Bank Negara, Financial Mediators Bureau and even Pak Lah…so far i have not heard any of us being declared bancrupt only blacklisted. So if this happened then we will march to Parliament. It is time the Malaysians must exercise their rights. We have been cheated and we know it and WE SHOULD NOT KEEP QUIET ABOUT IT. SO BE SMART, TAKE LEGAL ACTION BECOZ THAT WAS THE ADVICE GIVEN BY THE KEMNTRIAN PERUMAHAN, UMNO, FMB AND ALSO REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES.”

(3) Registeration for Group 4 still on progress.

Up to 14-Dev-2007 name register already reach 101 person. However, the lawyer still haven’t initiate the filling for no reason given.

Anyhow, anyone wish to know more or register can call the legal firm directly at

Ngeow & Tan
Tel : 03-62578796
( Attn. Mr. Lavendran )

Option to sue for damages option also open now by Jagmohan Legal firm. However, the response seem cool so far.

(4) Dataran Mantin announce to the buyer or Platinum Damansara that the company is facing bankruptcy.

Buyers of Platinum Damansara condominium, another project from Dataran Mantin, have gone through uncountable sleepless night due the project have been halted for many months. After many invalid excuses and fault hope given by Dataran Mantin top management from time to time, the project is finally been abandoned.

At July, they receive a letter from KPMG (a business advisory firm), stated that a new investor is going to take over. On the letter, all the buyer is advised to sign a form to agree to :
(i) “A waiver of all claims you may have against the Developer and/or the
Investor pursuant to the Sales & Purchase Agreement…”
(ii) “The termination of an Agreement between you an Squirrel Hill International Sdn. Bhd. known as Commercial Returns Agreement…”

Put it simple, by signing this letter, the buyers agree to waive all their right to take legal action to Dataran Mantin.

The CEO of Dataran Mantin explain that the company are having financial crisis and unable to continue the project. It’s still not clear whether Dataran Mantin come to this point due to miss management or they have purposely diverted all their funding to overseas in order to wash their hands off their obligations (on late completion of PD and legal sue on BUTL). But one thing we can foresee. The company under name of Dataran Mantin will not hold for long!

Wait! who know? May be the “new investor” is just another new register company own by the same persons. For Dataran Mantin, no trick is too dirty.

For more detail: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Platinumdamansara/messages for the discussion among buyer and http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=307340&page=10 for forum.

The above is merely the summary. For the complete discussion please dig into the original post Legal Action to Dataran Mantin.

Lastly, I personally feel glad that many buyers take the initiative to find more info and share with us on this blog. Hopefully with the effort from everyone, the justice will finally come to us.