Yup, if you think you can contribute to make BUTL not a ghost town, nominate yourself & hope you can get voted in by the purchasers. Folks, we are on our own. Even if you have paid up to sue DM & the banks, you cannot just leave it as that. If you can make this place boom, it is a much, much better option that to sue.

To Sue (& win)

Pros: Your “investment” nightmares are over, no more harassment by DM or the banks.

Cons: You have to wait for the results, much like watching the stock exchange. This may go on for another few years still, even if you have won, DM & the banks can still appeal.

To Sue (& lose)

Pros: huh? mana ade?

Cons: Aiyoo, ni susah ni, dah bagi RM2,000 skrg kena bayar legal cost lagi. Masuk high court ni, total legal cost boleh capai & melebihi RM 100,000. Kena share dgn 500 org, i.e. kena bayar RM200 lagi. s***!!!%#^&

To Make BUTL a booming township

Pros: Yes, this is the one, ladies & gentlemen, if we can make this place boom, this is then what we know as the true definition of the term “INVESTMENT with RETURNS”

Cons: Have to make sure the JMB committees are committed to the cause. Turn around this place from a “student, college staff & butl purchasers kena conned place” to a new & booming township – lots of patients & hardwork.

It’s your call folks, be pro-active & expand your circle of influence here at BUTL rather than sit there & contemplate your circle of concerns but do nothing. Here’s the time to rise up & show DM what good governence is all about! Let those losers who we are sueing them now be envy of our management capabilities. Let’s rise to the challenge!

Marilah mari, mari mengundi…