Sources says that only those received letters in RED were allowed to vote. Yes, it was stated in Act 663 that you must have paid all your arrears to allow you to vote. So all those who have received letters in RED you must go there to vote. BUTL’s future is at stake now. Even receiver managers are somehow are under their spell.

So people, you have to rise up & challenge them! Below is the list that you need to challenge them!

1. To Mr/Mrs/Ms/Mdm/Dr. Chairman & all other managers there, are you the managers appointed to take over during the receivership? They can’t appoint any tom, dick and harry to be there. [CHALLENGE THEM!]

2. Even if they say you are not entitled to vote, they have no rights to bar you from going for the meeting. [They have done that today!]

3. If they bar you from voting, quote them Section 21 (1) & (3). No matter how much you have paid, or haven’t paid, the accounts are not legal without it being audited! [They have done that today!]

4. [Technical, not provided in the Law] How can they divide meetings into 6 groups when they are for the same JMB ??? Lame excuses such as ”hall not big enough” must be refuted. They can always rent an indoor stadium! [Come on la, only 30-40 people turn up & leaving feeling disgusted!]

5. [Technical, not provided in the Law] How can they ask the banks to give permission to you, the purchaser of the apartments, before you have the rights to vote ???

Remember, the developer only has 1 vote. Those who received letters in RED, please go and VOTE! DO NOT allow them the chance to put PRO-DM people as the JMB. They only have 1 vote! CHALLENGE THEM !!! Save BUTL !!! Save guard your INVESTMENT !!!