Yup, 30 – 40 turn outs the last time, but this time there are way more than a hundred. And plus the morning sessions as well, we can’t say today’s the 2nd session. But DM know how many meetings were conducted. But essentially, it is still just the 1st Meeting! Broken into 15 sessions (how is that fair, or even logical ?!?).

Hell broke lose today, I was told, & really, this is the time for us to get together & shout at them! Way to go. Some coming from kedah, perak, singapore, yeah! shout at them! This 1st meeting will be challenged in court, mark my word.

So no worries, go there & enjoy yourself shouting at them. They deserve it! We, together will give them more high blood pressure as the sessions rolled on & we will give them the BIG BANG! We will show them who’s the BOSS!