How else can we explain their magical moment at 4PM? The great disappearing act? or merely just kecut?

In a highly charged meeting that went on between the purchasers (yes between us only), which was probably the first time we all met each other apart from all the lawyer sessions, the voice of the purchasers were there to drown out any inch of bravery that Dataran Mantin still has. Surprisingly, out of the 300+ people who attended, only a handful have taken legal action & 90+% knows nothing about this legal action!

So after this BiG BANG, it was not surprising that Dataran Mantin cancelled today’s JMB Meeting! So is this another “test-water” session by Dataran Mantin? And at the same time escaped the jaws of Act 663 Section 5(5), where they can be fined no more than RM20k?

When asked, more than 50% of the purchaser said they did not receive any JMB letter. So how do we punish Dataran Mantin for ignoring Act 663 Section 5(2)? Jimat wang stamp ke, Dataran Mantin?

But one thing is certain, there are 2 options now for Dataran Mantin.

1. Setup a 2nd Meeting

2. Pass it down to the commission for them to then get a Management Agent to run BUTL.

Of course, option 2 does not favour us. We will have to wait & see what the ForABetterButl Team can come out with. At least they came with 1 State Assemblymen & 1 Member of Parliament for this BIG BANG. It must be time now to make these representatives of the rakyat to present to the DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri) Negeri Sembilan & the Parliament of the need to amend Act 663 Section 6(2) that, for all sick projects, getting even 0.25% to pay maintenance is difficult enough, nevermind 25% !!!

For more information on Act 663