Yes, they have failed to provide us, the purchasers, a sincere avenue to allow us to choose our trusted JMB. They have made an utter mockery of the Law. Not only are they flaunting it, so are their partners. In case you are still wondering, the receivers and managers appointed are from PwC and therefore, presented to you are 2 files that you should change it to your name & fax it to them.

The more who does it, the more they will feel the heat. These are coming from the ForABetterButl Team. And all of them are faxing & cc to all the respective organisations. Let them feel the power of the people !!!

Letter of Demand to Dataran Mantin
Letter of Demand to PricewaterhouseCoopers

Sources says this team has already met up with the Authority to get permission to organise the meeting themselves. So those who have not registered with them yet, please do so. And don’t forget to fire DM & PwC !