From Ngeow & Tan, yesterday was the final hearing for the first strikeout of Group 1. Group 1 has many strikeout applications by the banks, so does Group 2. The first strikeout heard in Group 1 was of 3 banks (HSBC, Alliance & Maybank) represented by the same lawyers. Incidentally, first strike out of Group 2 heard is also from the same lawyers but this time only for Maybank. As we know, Group 2 has all the hearings for Maybank sorted out & we won. Group 1, well… the last hearing for the first strikeout was yesterday but the Judge reserved the judgement for Monday, 28 Apr 2008. Yes, that is an important date to us.

But wait, there were many striking out applications, what about the rest? Well, conventional wisdom would allow us the thought that if the first strikeout is unsuccessful by the bank(s), then the rest of the strikeouts by the other banks should be consistent and should not take 2 years for each strikeout to be heard & judgment made. So let’s wait and see. Note, the striking out applications have to be resolved first before proceeding to trial. And let’s hope that the rest of the striking out applications can be sorted out soonest, the law firm still have to file an application to group all Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 & soon to be filed Group 4 together for trial.

Speaking of Group 4, funny why there’s only 21 documents submitted? Where are the rest of you? Some are so eager to sue but they are dragged back by alot of the “procastinateur extraordinaire”. We know, we are all busy, working 6.5 days a week, 16 hours a day, just to make ends meet. Surely you can spend that 0.5 day to sort out the documents and submit it to the law firm. They still need time to vet through to see if the possibility for filing is still available (due to SPA’s date, etc). So PLEASE, make your intentions known. Thank you all.