From Lim’s comments on NS is going to pass BUTL & build another hub, check this out.
(theStar) Out to restore the people’s faith in BN

Then, there’s something happened yesterday…
(theStar) Cops prevent fight at Mantin college

And with some comments on theft, burglary in and around BUTL. It’s no wonder that people get suspicious that it might be DM, who no longer gets to squeeze the purchasers anymore, who are involved in this. Like how can the thugs not be related to the Grand Saga incident isn’t it? Common sense prevails here. Of course, they may claim that some people don’t like them & these people then hire thugs to shame them further. We don’t care! As far as we are concerned, DM’s status is already -∞, yup, that’s negative infinity. No matter how many rotten eggs you throw at them will not make these scums any more stinkier.

So then, what do we do? Do we pay the JMB to at least restore some kind of security from “could be” DM’s thugs or DM’s junkyard friends? Do we unite to see what we can do to help out the committees of the JMB, or do we just sit back, relax (or get angry & high blood pressure, whichever) be selfish & just enjoy the show?

Let’s face it. Our investment is GONE !!! Court case will take years. Do you still want to be preyed by people like DM still? If you do, then you must retain your typical prey like attitute such as procastination, unshrewness, tidak-apa (yes, this the most famous one), continue to accept the fact that you are powerless, illiterate & ignorant to all the happenings in this world.

We are all busy, we are not as book-wormy like the lawyers, we are all but rich. Yes, these are the people that DM looks for. No longer! We were bitten & we will not be bitten again. So let’s work together. Work with your JMB. The 5-storey walk up will have their JMB meetings soon to elect the respective committees. DM preyed on us for our money 6 years ago. Do not allow them to prey on our precious metals of our buildings & our belongings today. We only need to be united to get out of this cold !