For those under Group 1 to 3 from the Ngeow & Tan’s filing, it is not pleasant news that the Appeal is lost. And to add salt to injury, you also need to pay RM25,000.00 per group as cost to the respondants (banks). Legal action to the rest of the respondants are still on-going though. Will that ever be a mere paper victory, that’s left the be seen. But what’s the most important thing for the plaintiffs was the decision to loop the banks in to get the monkey off the back, so to speak. But now that it has lost and Dataran Mantin is in liquidation since 6 Mar 2009, it really is your choice to move on with your life because it is really pointless sitting down pondering and feeling sorry for yourself.

The written judgement can be read from (please be patient, the website may sometimes be down)

How do you want to intepret it? Do you accept that although the bank’s practice is to check for the value of a property before the loan is dished out but the banks are not under the duty to do so by law? Does it feel like you’ve been thrown into the jungle and not only do you need to fend for youself but there are leeches and other parasites lurking around with snares all over the place, while the banks are nicely guarded in a gated garden? Such is the justice you get here in malaysia you really are left with not much but to move on. If you want laws to be fair & to protect the individual citizen, choose your parliamentarian properly. Failure to understand the importance of voting worthy parliamentarians at your own peril. Let’s move on so that we can constantly put bread on the table for our family.